Becoming an author

Only a select few of us get to make money by doing what we love. If you are lucky enough to have already made your fortune by writing exciting literature, congratulations! If you haven’t but have a passionate desire to, at Audio Martini we’ll help you start your writing journey.


How we do it:


Step 1: Our first step is to help label you as a writer. ‘Fake it ‘til you make it’ is the perfect motto to live your life by. The more you tell yourself and others that you are a writer, the sooner you will become one and writing feels more natural!

Step 2: We will start by providing you with inspiring reading. In order to write successfully, you have to know what the people who read your chosen genre want. Reading widely is critical and will allow you to expand your vocabulary and generate new ideas.

Step 3: If you cannot think of where your novel can go next and are suddenly hit with a nasty dose of writer’s block, keeping a blog can be a handy way of re-stimulating those creative juices. Audio Martini will give you a free blogging platform that you can use to find your writing rhythm again.

Step 4: Once your book or novel is nearing completion, our in-house specialists will help you promote your work and to get a publishing deal. Many new authors are short of initial capital needed to get their book on the shelves. If you find yourself in this predicament, click here for more information on easy funding.


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